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To go from a small start-up to employing multiple staff members is quite a change and requires you as a CEO and boss to take on a whole new set of responsibilities and tasks. No longer is your business supporting you and your family but numerous other people and you must all work as a team to make a success of this. Great management skills and a cohesive human resources administration system are both key to being a successful leader. Real Trade offers support and advice in both areas.

For general management assistance, we can deliver:

  • Workshops
    • Leadership skills
    • Core abilities
    • Innovative ideas
    • Strategic planning
    • Taking on new roles and responsibilities
    • Business finance courses
  • Onsite and offsite support
  • Mentoring and advice services
  • Business management training

When it comes to HR administration, Real Trade can support you in the following ways:

  • Workshops
    • Staff liaison and communication
    • From enrolment to termination – dealing with staff members
    • Relationship management
  • Establishing welfare and retirement plans
    • Payments
    • Insurance
    • Pensions
  • Recruitment and contacts with recruitment agencies

If you need support when it comes to general management and HR administration, contact Real Trade Business Solutions today and arrange a meeting with one of our experts.

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